Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Post

I had wanted to do a little birthday post but our internet has been down the whole past week which explains my lack of posting.

I was very blessed to have two wonderful friends here for my birthday, Tannis and Louise (you will know them from previous posts). Thank-you so much for coming girls! It was a lot of fun to have you. We will have to do it again soon.

Thank-you also to my wonderful parents, brothers and my grandparents for giving me such a nice birthday. I love you all!

Shawn, Scott and I

The cake

My grandparents and I

Christmas in June?

Pretty flowers

The three of us and Ralph

Louise, Tannis and I

The girls in the tent

I have a few more things I want to post for you in the next week! Good to be back in blog land :)

Great evening to you all, Erin