Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas Eve before going to Mass and then to our Uncle Robin's for a family get together.

The Girls
Family picture taken on Christmas morning before opening gifts.
The Kids again.
Shawn and I just doing our thing.
Dad showing Nana how to waltz.
There was lots of snow falling the past few weeks as I'm sure you all know! Here is Dad and Papa plowing this morning. We have had alot of tractor (snow plow) issues over Christmas, thankfully they seemed to be fixed as of today. Also, thank you Scotty, he put tons of work into snow control as well the past few weeks...
Boxing Day, we had our big family dinner at Nana and Papa's with all the family. Here is all the cousins, except for Leah who had to work.

Wishing all of you, my dear blog readers and your families a very Merry Christmas season and all the best in 2013!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ralph 7/13/01 - 12/08/12

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

You will be forever missed, our golden boy.

YG Bowling 12/2/12

Last weekend, our Youth Group and a neighbering one got together for a fun night of Bowling. I always think that I'll get better the more I play... but I guess that's not the case! The little one in the purple pants was a better player then me! 

Women's Institute Christmas Potluck 11/27/12

The annual WI Christmas Potluck... here is a group shot of the ladies that my bro, Shawn was kind enough to take!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Papa's Surprise 70th Birthday Party 11/25/12

A few weekends past was our Grandpa's 70th Birthday! We celebrated by throwing him a surprise party. Our house quickly filled with party guests. At 2oclock sharp Nana and Papa arrived and the party started!
With some of the family:)
Joy (foundly known as Grandma Joy) presenting Papa with his cake that she was kind enough to make!
Papa is a huge Montreal fan as you can tell by the cake.
Some old pictures and his Jersey on desplay with the gifts

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today when I was at work I saw snow softly begin to fall from the sky... perfect timing as Christmas Eve is one month away today! Hopefully this will help me get focused and start making Christmasy gift lists... I know my family would appreciated it!

I have been working lots the past few weeks. Things are getting busy with Christmas preparations at the store. Decorating, making fancy cone bags filled with bath salts, candy, soup mixes, hot chocolate and more! It's always fun doing this type of thing... mixes it up from the ordinary! 

Mom's Birthday was on Nov. 15th! I forgot to take pictures throughout the day(s) of her birthday. Things were really busy around that time so it took us three days to fully celebrate. On the day of we were all working or at school so there was no time to celebrate. The day after Mom's Birthday, we went to see a screening of the film "Restless Heart" a film about St. Augustine. It was very well done, I highly recommended taking the time to watch it! We got home so late that night that we didn't open gifts until the following day. Hence the three days of party!

Life with my new car is good. I'm thoroughly enjoying driving it whenever I can, which seems to be every day! Funny Story. I had never used my CD player in the car yet as I bought a base to plug my iPod into, so I've been using only that so far. Anyways, I went to play a CD the other day and there was already one in there.... it was one of those handmade (nice word for pirated) ones that you would see. I hit play and the most cool song started playing! Turns out there was 20 songs on the disk... just a random assortment of awesome tunes. Pretty cool and it made my day! I'm easy to please :)

I will have some more posts coming up soon... We are hosting a surprise Birthday party at our house on Sunday (I would tell you whose but it's a surprise!) and a Ladies Christmas party on Tuesday. Fun times are ahead. Have a good weekend everyone! 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Women of Bethany - 2012

This past weekend Mom and I attended the Women of Bethany retreat that is held yearly in Ottawa.

Here we are with a dear lady, Maureen that we had driven into the retreat. We were blessed to get to know her over the weekend.

Mom with Sheila, Gloria and Maureen at Sunday lunch.

Our beautiful view from the dining room.
See the Gatineau Hills?

12 noon.

I love taking pictures on Parliament Hill!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shawn's 25th Birthday Oct/30/12

Brother of mine
I know sometimes I may whine
But deep down I really find you somewhat divine

You are smarter than you think
Smarter than me, in some ways

You are wiser than you know
You have experienced pains and joys

Some twice your age have never seen
Because of all of this you are three times the man

Brother of mine
I could be no prouder

I could love you no more
I will always be here for you

No matter what occurs
No matter what is said or done

I will never be too far away
No matter the distance
You’ll always be in my heart

Happy Birthday! I love you.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yesterday I successfully passed my G! I'm so relieved to be finished taking driving tests (until I'm in my eighties  and need to take another one because I can't see a darn thing... but it's too soon to worry about that!)

Scotty's 22nd Birthday Oct/19/12

When we were young I followed you
We played, we fought, and had fun times together
When we grew taller..we thought we knew it all
and when one of us would fall
the other gave a helping hand
 and say, watch the lay of the land
see over there, you'll sink in quick sand
Then I went one way and you another and still, when we can, we help each other
Now we are getting just a bit older, and once again we stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder.

I've learned one thing, you've learned another, and we've both learned
there is no replacement
for one or the other! 

Happy Birthday Scotty! I love you.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

:: This evening we had Thanksgiving dinner at Nana and Papa's. I just realized that I forgot to take any pictures of the food as I was uploading the pictures. Oh well, just imagine yummy turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry sauce, along with apple/pumpkin pies and butter tarts! Here is me with Leah ::
 :: with Natalie and Leah ::
 :: Nana and Natalie ::
 :: Aunt Gwen and Leah washing dishes ::
 :: Father/Son ::
 :: Shawn, Scott and Nate ::
 :: with Scotty ::
 :: fun picture ::
 :: dancing! ::
 :: group pictures! ::

:: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a good time with friends and loved ones ::
:: Be thankful for what you have because it could all be taken away tomorrow ::