Friday, December 16, 2011


It has been almost a month since I posted here, my little home on the web.

My days have been filled with working full time (and overtime) most weeks. Needless to say I have not had alot of free time! I have also had the joy of helping my cousin Natalie, her finance Nate and family prepare for their wedding day on December 30th. Busy days indeed. In the coming days I will be posting about her wedding shower.

Tomorrow Mom and I head off to Guelph for the weekend to attend her Bachelorette party.... should be a blast!

Scotty came home tonight from school for the Christmas break... it is great having the whole family back together again. I feel like Christmas has now begun :D

I am looking forward to sharing lots of pictures with you in the New Year. 'till then enjoy this season with your family and friends and always remember.... He is the reason for the season.