Monday, July 26, 2010

A Weekend Away Part #1

This weekend our whole family went to Toronto for a little family time and also to attend the wedding anniversary party of some long time friends of ours. We took two cars down so we had a "convoy" so to speak.

Dad took us to a hotel that he stays at sometimes when he does travelling for work. It was a nice spot! There was a large pool and water slide, very fun! I did not go down the water slide but Scott did. He is much braver then I...

Shawn driving

Scott riding

Mom and Dad ahead of us... they drove by themselves :)


The girls


The moon on the way home

Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun filled weekend! It was great to be able to have some family time.

The party post is below...

A Weekend Away Part #2 - The Anniversary Party

We were blessed to be able to attend the Surprise Wedding Anniversary of a couple that our family have known for over 22 years. It was a very fun party with about 60 people in attendance. The kids did a great job putting the party together, everything was so nice and enjoyable.

The surprised...


The two Dad's chatting

A cute little girl named Eva and the family dog Wellington

Eva having her first taste of Coke... she really liked it

Shawn and Wellington

Shawn socializing

Scott and Wellington

There was the most ADORABLE twin sisters at the party - here is Scott holding Ellie :)

Rebecca and I with Ellie

Our Friends that we have always called Aunt and Uncle

Happy 30th Anniversary! It was great to see all of you again.

God Bless,

Clare, Sally, Shawn, Scott and Erin