Thursday, February 17, 2011

Father/Daughter goings on...

I love working at the "The Granary". I am still only working Thursdays. Also some Fridays and Saturdays. I worked today, which went great! I am really getting used to all the different things there is to know about the health food industry. I love working with the customers. They are great (most of the time)! I am working tomorrow too. We have the baby just three more weeks. After she goes I will probably be working more hours. I am also going to be helping Dena (my boss) with inventory in July. It will be a long and fun day!

Dad has been traveling a lot this last year. This week he was in Atlanta. He called me on Wednesday during a break and told me he was outside in his dress shirt watching the pansies grow! Life's always much better when he's home.