Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner Conference, Scott's Concert, Tea Dance and More!

Last Thursday, my boss called and wondered if I would like to come to a dinner conference in Ottawa with her that evening. It was a very nice buffet dinner. While we were eating, a naturopath gave a talk for Natural Factors (a natural supplement company) about some of their latest products. It was nice to learn more about what I am selling! Friday night was Scott's last concert of the year with the OUO (Ottawa University Orchestra). Shawn and I went early to save seats for Mom, Dad, Nana and Papa. Uncle Robin and my cousin Leah were able to come as well. Dad had been in Toronto for the last part of the week. He drove home Friday afternoon, had dinner and then drove Mom, Nana and Papa into the concert. Busy day. The orchestra played a very long piece, "Brahm's German Requiem". There was a large choir of close to 120 people. There was two vocal soloists performing as well. It was a great concert. I'm so glad we were all able to go.
This afternoon, the last tea dance of the season was held at the Almonte Town Hall. The Women's Institute always does the tea, sweets and sandwiches for the dances. I went to work with another lady this afternoon. There was lots of people out today to dance. It's fun to watch all the different couples dancing.

This past week I finished my e learning! I only have two more driving lessons before I can take my G2. I am looking forward to having all this done... and being able to just drive. I booked my test this week for April 20th. Please pray that everything goes well and that I'm not too nervous...

I have started another blog, Quotes about Life, Love and Faith. Some of you may have noticed the link on my sidebar. It's a place that I can put all the quotes that I find. Feel free to go over and take a look!
Also Shawn just started a blog A Gentleman's View. Go over and take a look! Have a wonderful week everyone!