Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Natalie and Nate

On Friday July 15th my cousin Natalie and Nate became engaged. Nate drove 15 hours to surprise the love of his life with a ring and a question. Sounds like true love? It is.
Congratulations ! ! !

Josh Groban Staight To You Tour Ottawa!

This past Friday Mom and I went to see Josh Groban in concert in Ottawa. We had a wonderful time together. Thank you Daddy for buying us the tickets!

We had a great view. This picture taken with hardly any zoom

I have listened to most of his music and video clips and I thought it's the best I have ever heard him sing

He played the piano and drums throughout the concert - He has an amazing band.

The back stage..... still a great view!

Journey to The Father 2011

On July 15th - 17th, I went to Journey to The Father near Cornwall, Ontario. I was able to go with two friends from our church, Julia and Victoria. We had a great time! Part way to Cornwall we met up with our chaperon and then from her house we drove to meet the bus that would take us the rest of the way. Journey to The Father is a Catholic retreat. This is its 11th year! There has been up to 550 people there for this weekend retreat. It was a wonderful experience. I could really feel God at work in this place. I highly recommend looking into it.

The church that was here burned down many years ago and is now a historic site. They have since rebuilt a new church next to it. The old church is called "The Ruins"
Victoria & Julia

Our chaperon Leslie

Eating lunch

Our view from the lunch tables


With my friend Rosemary

Music Saturday morning in the ruins

self portrait!!

the view from the front... it's pretty big!

Everyone from our bus

The theme of the weekend was -

Patient, Kind and Merciful

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Days

Things are pretty busy around here. I have been working three to four days a week this summer which is great!

Starting this past Friday Dad has taken off three weeks of "vacation". During vacation we are moving one building, tearing down two and then rebuilding one as a shed.... In that time frame we will be doing some vacation things I'm sure.

This weekend I am going near Cornwall to "Journey to The Father". It is a youth retreat for ages 13-19. It sounds like it will be a great weekend. I am going with two sisters from our Church. I am hoping to get a camera before I go... if not maybe Shawn will lend me his. Either way hopefully there will be pictures!

10 days from now Josh Groban is coming to town! I can hardly wait...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

To My Blog Readers

Dear blog readers,

I have been getting comments from some people that they have been having trouble getting onto my blog since I went private. Please let me know in a comment if you are accessing everything okay.

Thank-you! Erin

July 1st and More

Our Internet has been cutting out, on and off the past few weeks hence my lack of blogging! Soooo.... Happy Canada Day everyone! Canada day for me (and the day before) was spent doing inventory at work.... I can now honestly tell you that I know 99.99 of everything that we have in the store....

After I finished up inventory I joined Shawn and Scott at a Youth Group event that was going on at the Jahn's house. We had a swim and then drove over to see the fireworks in Almonte.

Last night we had long time friends of ours, the Poons over for a visit. We have known them since I was 6 months old! Gosh, suddenly I feel old...

They are moving from their home in Ottawa to Calgary this month so this dinner together was our last time together for a while. We are going to miss them. Dad travels to Calgary a few times a year so Mom and Dad will hopefully see them at different times. Chris is home from Hong Kong. He has been doing mission work there over the past 8 months.

Playing Apples to Apples (I lost badly)

Last Monday, Mom and I went to see Leah, Alexia and Lina for a few hours. Little Lina is getting so big! Here is sweet Alexia.
Yogurt is fun!

Baby Lina

Have a great week everyone!