Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is such a beautiful song!

Sunday Brunch

After church today our friends the B. family came over for Sunday brunch. It was great to see them. Their daughter Alexia is the little girl we looked after for a few months last year.
Alexia and I

Her little sister Lina

She is sooo cute

They are moving to Newfoundland in the next few months so it was great to be able to spend this time with them!


Louise and I had a fun dinner/spend the night last week.... it was great to catch up. The next day we joined her sister Rosie and another friend for lunch. Good times.

-A friend is the one who knows all about you... and still likes you!


Over Christmas I was able to spend an afternoon with some good friends. Here is Jasmine and I

Andrew and me


Andrew with his nephews Maximus and William

Jasmine's sister Zoe and I

Andrew's brother Gabe and I with Maximus Friends are a gift from the Lord :)

Family Christmas/New Years

New Years Eve all the family was still here so we had our family Christmas dinner/New Years that evening. We were all pretty tired. Most of us did make it to midnight though! Here are all my Aunts Opening gifts

Love birds

Sound proof headphonesNew Christmas PJ's!

Sometimes I worry about Scott...

.... now I know why

Cousin Tabitha

Aunt Pina and Giardana
Nathan and Sarah pondering the wonder of Christmas

My Uncle Scott and Dad playing Dance off against a video game. Entertaining to say the least!