Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family Christmas/New Years

New Years Eve all the family was still here so we had our family Christmas dinner/New Years that evening. We were all pretty tired. Most of us did make it to midnight though! Here are all my Aunts Opening gifts

Love birds

Sound proof headphonesNew Christmas PJ's!

Sometimes I worry about Scott...

.... now I know why

Cousin Tabitha

Aunt Pina and Giardana
Nathan and Sarah pondering the wonder of Christmas

My Uncle Scott and Dad playing Dance off against a video game. Entertaining to say the least!

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Margaret said...

really enjoyed these pictures, Erin! OK now we need your Dad and James doing a dance off, but what would really be a lot of fun would be your MOM & I giving it a whirl...hehehe...sounds like a lot of fun. OK and the pictures of Scott with yours comments - just cracked me UP!!! Happy New Year, Erin.