Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sedona Arizona [4/6] Holy Cross Chapel

A huge house that was built near the chapel

Wow, it was soo big!

We went up to the airport one evening to see the sunset :)


Arizona [3/6]

Evening walk around the neighborhood

Cool plants . . .

. . . and benches

We were sad to leave!

An old apple orchard down the road from where we were staying

Some interesting history about the orchard

One afternoon Mom and Dad took me to Jerome... a town on the side of a mountain. Here is the view on the way down!

There was roads and not much else. Sure didn't want to fall over the side . . . there was not much holding you up!

A man riding his bike

Mom & Dad outside the house we stayed at in Sedona

Arizona [2/6] Pink Jeep Tour

While we were in Sedona, Dad and I went on a Pink Jeep tour! Mom and Dad have been on one before the last time they were there.

Standing next to our jeep :)

Another jeep going down a rock

Taking a break

The view from the front of our jeep

Crazy backdrop for a picture! Soo amazing :)