Monday, July 12, 2010

I hope you all had a great weekend! We have been blessed with some great sunny weather :)

On Sunday Shawn and I went for a nice l o n g ATV ride. It was so much fun! Not as warm riding then it might have been walking - thankfully!

Mom and I are going into town today to do some errands. One of the things I have to do is get the fabric for my drama costume! I am wearing a nice long flowing dress for my role as the seamstress. I am really looking forward to showing you how it turns out.

I have been doing a lot of ironing this past week. It is one of those things that we had just not been getting to. is all done! For now anyway... I am allowed unlimited movies when I iron :). Isn't that a great picture? Only I don't wear an apron when I iron. It also looks like this lady didn't have any movies to watch!

I have been doing gardening for different people this summer. One lady I have been working for quite a bit. She has flower gardens. I am going to be working for her a few times this week.

We have been working the past few months (when time permits/Daddy) on getting all the pictures on my walls and buying a few extra things that I have been needing. It looks great! I will have some pictures to show you this week of the finished room.

Have a great week eveyone!