Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Week So Far...

Scott had his wisdom teeth out last Monday, seemed to be doing fine and then the pain got a lot worse. He is better now though still not back to normal. He could use your prayers.

Yesterday Shawn and I went down to Ogdensburg NY to pick up the skirts that I had ordered. They fit nicely. I love all the different colors. One in particular I really love is a jean skirt that falls right down to my ankles. I love wearing really long skirts.

We have been getting a lot of freezing rain/light snow since last night. Not very nice but.... almost all of our snow is gone now and it's not even April yet! We might even have some flowers up by Easter!

I have been busy getting ready to leave for NY on Monday. I still have all of my clothes to get ready. I was talking to Caroline today and got my last few questions answered so now all I have to do is pack! (she is my friend that I am going to be seeing down there).

I am going to be pretty busy the next few days getting ready to go as well as other things going on so you might not be hearing too much from me....but there will be some nice long posts when I get back. With pictures!



Lady of the Manor said...

Have a wonderful trip Erin. Will keep you and your holiday in my prayers. Margaret.

Irene said...

Have a great trip and take lots of pictures!!!! We will keep Scott in prayer it is not nice to get your wisdom teeth out. Now that you are probably all packed do not forget to put in a Journal so that you can write down all the wonderful things that God will bless you with down there.