Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Noah Update: Good News!

This was an email that was sent to my Mom-

Hi Sally,

Thank you so very much for praying for dear Noah. The Lord has most assuredly inclined His ear toward you and the others who've been praying, and has granted us our petition.

Noah is indeed home! He was discharged from the hospital on Monday. Imagine? A six hour major brain surgery on Thursday, home on Monday morning!! To God be all glory, honour and praise!!

He is doing amazingly well. Yesterday, I hear, he walked down to their barn and has been enjoying the WII Fit his brother bought as a physio tool. His swelling has reduced considerably and his healing has been taking place at a remarkable rate.

Please send the photos to me. I've already prepared 3 poster boards full of photos and comments, and am working on the fourth. The first three have already been delivered to their family. If you know of others who've been praying, please ask them to send along photos as well. Seeing the faces of the precious saints who've undertaken on their behalf has blessed them so very much.


An update about Noah:

Thank-you for praying - please pass this around,

Sally H.

I received an email but it was a bit unclear about which day it was - I think the email went out Monday. Noah is walking in the hallways - only hooked up to a heart monitor and eating well. A final P.S. at the bottom of the email indicated that they had just heard from Steven (Noah's Dad) and Noah is going home - from what I can gather that would be maybe Monday or Tuesday. I'm really not sure exactly. Praise God! Thank-you for all of your prayers. This very serious surgery was just last Thursday. I know he has a lot of healing left to do but what a wonderful blessing if he can continue healing at home. Their home is not near the hospital so this will be another blessing for them. If you are able, "Debbie Y" is collecting photos and notes from people who would like to bless Noah in this way. Noah and his family has asked that they would like to see who the prayer "warriors" have been that have been praying. Joanna-Lynn (Noah's Mom) said that their family would like to pray for you too!! Debbie's email is:

P.S. I have since received word from Debbie and she has kindly updated me and sent along pictures of Noah as well.



Irene said...

It is amazing how God is working through Noah to show His grace and love!!

Erin said...

It is wonderful! Thank-you for your prayers.