Thursday, May 6, 2010

Please Pray

This request went out from my Mom this morning....

Hello everyone,

A family we know that lives in the Lanark, Ontario area their son is having a very serious surgery today. Two days before Christmas 2009 he almost died when they found out he had serious complications(since birth) that this surgery today is dealing with. He is a wonderful young man with eight siblings.

Please pass this around. This was sent out last night by our local homeschool group.

Sally H.

Subject: 16 Year Old Noah's Brain Surgery Is Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Noah's brain surgery, so I'm coming to remind you of his tremendous need of prayer.

The surgery is extremely risky. There is so much at stake...his life, his ability to reason, to speak, to walk, his terrific personality... The surgeons have to go very deep into his brain to deal with the two jumbled masses of veins, as well as an aneurysm. The surgeon has told Noah's parents that he's not a "cowboy", indicating that he will do all he can, but won't do more than he's able, which could possibly mean some of the problems may not be able to be addressed - although he'll do his best.

Noah has given all of his worldly goods to his siblings. Please pray that there'll be a need to return them to him.

He must be at the hospital in Ottawa tomorrow at 6:30, with surgery beginning around 8:30.

Their best guess is that it will take about 4-5 hours. I'll update you all as I'm able. And thanks so much for taking Noah's needs before the Lord our God.

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