Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Visit With Louise

Louise and I had a very pleasant visit the last couple of days. It was great to see you Louise! The day that Louise came over I had a drama club meeting so she came along to watch. I got what I needed that night to finish my costume. Louise and I had fun later at home trying it on each other :)

Louise in the dress

Trying on the costume

We went to pick Louise up and on the way home Mom stopped to get some vegetables at a farm along the highway. This was a plant that was growing next to where they were selling the vegetables. Note the height!

Louise and I spent yesterday sleeping in... :) going for a walk, making a few lemon loaves (recipe will be posted soon on my recipe blog), playing some monopoly and going to the beach.

It was great to see you Louise!

Love, Erin


Terell said...

Wow looks like an awesome time! It's so nice to get together with friends like that. Sleep-overs r like the best things ever!
Cool plant! Was it really as tall as it looked.

Erin said...

Yes, it was as tall as it looked! Have a nice Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Erin! I had a wonderful time-- I'm so glad it worked out!

It was fun sitting in on your drama rehearsal, too. From what I saw, you guys are doing an amazing job! (And it was very nice to meet you, Terell!! : ) ) I'm definitely coming to see the play-- one way or another!!

Louise W.

Irene said...

You girls sound like you had a wonderful time. What drama is it that you are involved with? Nothing is more rewarding then stopping to buy fresh vegetables from a farmer. : ) Have a wonderful week.

Margaret said...

Love your costume Erin, very nice!

Abbi said...

That sounds like a very good day. Love the costume. Were those made or did you buy them somewhere?

Erin said...

One of the girls in the drama group, Bekki helped me make the underdress and someone lent us the overdress. Thanks for stopping by Abbi! God Bless.