Sunday, April 1, 2012

Passion Sunday+

Today is Passion (Palm) Sunday. It's when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. When He started the most important week in the year. Holy week.

Holy Week is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. In that week we have Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. It's a wonderful time to explore more thoroughly Jesus' Passion and Death on the Cross.

Our family goes to Mass the four days leading up to Easter. It's a great experience. I would very much encourage anyone to go ... you walk out a different person at the end of the four days, on Easter Sunday.

The fact that Jesus died for our sins makes me forever thankful, and I am praying that throughout this holy week you will experience Jesus like never before.

God bless+


Margaret said...

I have little crosses made out of palm leaves pinned to every door on the house and one in my car. A very special week for those of us in the Christian faith. Nice post.

Erin said...

Thanks Margaret.