Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Girls Weekend

 This past weekend, Mom and I went to Erin (Yes, there is a place named after me!) to visit our longtime friends. Natasha is getting married in a few weeks. She had a shower on the Sunday. It was great fun to see them again.
 :: The Girls ::
:: Opening presents ::
 :: Drinking wine ::

 :: Oh, the things you can do with some tissue and ribbons! ::
:: Amanda, Aunt Wendy, Natasha and Rebecca ::
 :: Group picture on the stairs ::
 Before leaving on Monday...Mom, Aunt Wendy and myself went for a walk and some lunch downtown Erin. It's so pretty there! I got to go into a very cool little health food store and this publishing store.
:: Dinner view on our way home ::

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Sally said...

A fab weekend!