Sunday, May 9, 2010

Update On Noah

Thank-you for your prayers. I will send more updates as they become available.

Sally H.

Here is a quick update on 16 year old Noah. Thank-you for your prayers and for spreading this need around so others could pray too.

Noah is doing well for the delicate surgery he had. The surgery ended up being almost 8 hours which was longer than they anticipated but the doctors were able to do everything they wanted which going into the surgery they were uncertain about. They were able to deal with the veins and knew going in would be removing part of his brain. They were also able to remove the aneurysm. The surgery was Thursday morning and they had him stand and speak on Friday morning (very briefly). He appears to be doing well. He has been given lots of medication to keep him quiet so he is able to keep healing. He seems to be remembering and the doctors are optimistic. He had a small seizure which they are hoping is from the shock to the body from this surgery or from the medication which was first given to him on Thursday night. Please continue to pray for him and his family and that there would be no more seizures. Noah's family is very grateful for the prayers of God's people. We will give updates when possible.

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