Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Post

I had wanted to do a little birthday post but our internet has been down the whole past week which explains my lack of posting.

I was very blessed to have two wonderful friends here for my birthday, Tannis and Louise (you will know them from previous posts). Thank-you so much for coming girls! It was a lot of fun to have you. We will have to do it again soon.

Thank-you also to my wonderful parents, brothers and my grandparents for giving me such a nice birthday. I love you all!

Shawn, Scott and I

The cake

My grandparents and I

Christmas in June?

Pretty flowers

The three of us and Ralph

Louise, Tannis and I

The girls in the tent

I have a few more things I want to post for you in the next week! Good to be back in blog land :)

Great evening to you all, Erin


Lauralea said...

Cute cake! I like daisies- they're so whimsical. :-)
Looks like a fun day!

Still loving God,

Lady of the Manor said...

Nice having time for just the girls sometimes too! Looks like you an a lovely party.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's great to see these, Erin! I'm glad you were finally able to get them up here!! I'll always have some great memories from that!

God bless!
Louise W.

Irene said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday. May God continue to bless you Erin. Love your birthday cake. : )