Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Day

Mom and two of her dear friends went out today for some "lady/mother" time. They had a great time together.

It was great to see you ladies! -Sally

I did some cleaning today while Mom was out :) I was vacuuming and then thought... why not scrub our main room floor? So I did and it looks great - nice and shiny! Mom was very happy (and you know when Mom is happy, everyone is happy!)

The baby birds I told you about flew away this morning. They were so big that they were almost falling out of their nest! I will miss them... not their mess though :(

Louise is coming for a visit and overnight tomorrow. We have not seen each other much since my birthday so I am really looking forward to her coming.

I hope you are all having a nice week.



Terell said...

Aaaaw that was such a nice thing for you to do for your Mom. I'm sure your Mom really appreciated it. I know my Mom really enjoys it when I surprise her like that.
That's sad the birds r gone though. I love baby birds they're sooooo cute! lol
Hope you have fun with your friend!

Irene said...

Very nice surprise for your mom. : ) Have a wonderful time with Louise.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, it works now!! : )

Too bad the baby birds are gone!

I'm glad your mom had a nice time, (and that was awesome of you to scrub the floor for her-- I wonder if it'll still be shiny when I come.... ; ) !)

I love that picture of the two little girls-- it reminds me of my sister (Kristina) and I when we were little.

See you soon!
Louise W.

Anonymous said...

.....except that we were blonde. : )


Lady of the Manor said...

Our friendships are one of great gifts God gives us. Our friendship should be treasured and nurtured, just like our families. It doesn't matter how close or far away a friend lives, a friend is still a friend. Wonderful that you have and are developing friendships as a young girl. I hope you will continue to have your friendships for many long years and know the Blessing of good friends. The Grace of Christ, our families and cherished friendships sustain us, comfort us, rejoice with us, hold us, and delight with us. There is no price for such love, its value is priceless. It is just wonderful to see that you have learned this already at such a young age. Have a wonderful long weekend.