Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Nature Walk and Tea On The Lawn

Every summer in our area during July and August we have tea on the lawn Wednesday and Saturday at a local conservation area. See the post I did about one here. Yesterday Mom was doing the tea with another lady so I thought I could go on a nice walk with Nana on one of the trails and then have tea after! What a lovely day for a walk...

A picture taken from the bridge


We took the "blue" trail

which was about a 45 minute walk...

which also took us through a hay field

The sign that they have up in the summer telling folks about the teas

Nana and I drinking our tea

A group of other ladies enjoying their tea

The view from our seats

It was great to be able to spend the afternoon with you Nana! We will have to go out walking together sometime soon.

Love, Erin


Irene said...

That area is so beautiful. That walk we have done a lot since we moved to Almonte and it never gets tiring. It is so wonderful that you and your mom do this tea. Enjoy this special time in your life Erin. : )

Lady of the Manor said...

This sounds nice, I should go one day and try it. I've never been. Nice visit with your Grandma. You are doing an excellent job on your blog, Erin.