Monday, September 27, 2010

Our weekend and upcoming events

This weekend my grandfather's brother Willard and his wife June came down for the weekend (Aunt June and Uncle Willard). Here is a picture that was taken of the three brothers (Mom's Uncles) in March '10 with their wives. From L - R. Nana and Papa, Aunt June and Uncle Willard, Aunt Beth and Uncle Ron. We all had a pleasant visit with Aunt J. and Uncle W. They have two cute little Shih tzu dogs named Tia and Claire. Scott came home last night over night and then Dad brought him back to school this morning. Short but sweet... the visit... Scott is quite tall...

We are having dance lessons starting on Tuesday! We are all looking forward to them. There will be six couples. Mom and Dad are one of the couples. I love dancing!

Mom and I have been busy getting me back into the swing of things the last couple of weeks with school. I enjoy all of the different subjects. I think I like English the best!

I got a job a few weeks ago at a nearby health food store! I am starting there the first Thursday in October. I love working with natural and wholesome flours, grains and nuts so this will be so neat having this type of job. I am starting part time and then working into more hours as needed.

We have had a very rainy September.... but the fall colors are beautiful this year and should be out in full brillance within the next couple of weeks. It seems earlier this year.

God Bless and have a wonderful week.

~ Erin


Niki said...

see you tonight Erin :)

Irene said...

What a wonderful post. : ) Congrates on the job.