Sunday, June 24, 2012

CN Tower

When we were in Toronto for the wedding, we decided to take a few days for a mini family vacation. We took a day to look around Toronto, using both subway and walking to get around. While we were walking, we stopped at The Royal York hotel to browse around and use their very nice facilities. We went into the Rogers Center (home of the Blue Jays) to look around. Sadly the stadium area is closed when there is not a game going on, but we were able to peak through the doors, so neat!We went up the CN Tower! Mom and Dad have been there before, first time for us kids though.Amazing viewVery cool airport runwayLots of boats!Scott and my feet. Scary stuff.Mom and I on the glass floor... we are so brave!A picture-of-a-picture of a cute little girl on the glass floorStanding near the glass floor.....and we made it safely down!!

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Margaret said...

Very Brave People, that's all I can say, couldn't pay me to go up there. Good for all of you. James and the kids went up a couple of years ago and loved it, fantastic views they said etc... Looks like you had a great mini vacation! Margaret